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Automation as a Service

Automation can simplify your business, however, setting them up is more complicated than assembling a kid’s toy. Have you ever tried to integrate multiple applications together to automate workflows? If you did, you probably have heard of or used Zapier, no doubt a great solution. However, Zapier is costly at S$42.57 month-to-month for only 750 tasks/month.

Paying for Zapier to automate workflows is like hiring a robochef to microwave your frozen pizza. The reality is that your business needs to connect a bunch of complicated tools to run every day, but your makeshift solution just isn’t sustainable in the long. You might have an increasing number of tasks to run or maybe have complex computing that just isn’t supported by these no-code solutions.

Our automation as a service solution may be just what you need. We help you build unlimited integrations in just 24 hours turn around time for each integration only at a monthly cost of S$24 per month

Some apps that can be automated

Google Sheets




Google Forms





Google Drive



Yearly Save 33%
Automation as a Service


  • Instant updates
  • Webhooks support
  • Multiple steps with branching
  • Filters and formatters
  • Run on Virtual Private Cloud


How are you different form Zapier?

Zapier allows you to create automation with a no-code builder using a user interface. We help you develop these integrations with codes and APIs.

Will you ever have a no code solution?

We are planning to develop our own user interface so our clients will be able to build their own automation.

Is it really unlimited integration/step?

Yes, we can help with create simple integrations, up and running in 24 hours. Our solutions are deployed a separate Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for each of our clients. Thus, its only limited by the cloud resources assigned to you.

Where are you servers located?

We are using Amazon Web Service (AWS)  and our servers are located in Singapore.